I have many further philosophical interests, for example in the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of biology. I sympathize with the Effective Altruism movement, and in environmental matters I subscribe to a version of "ecomodernism", as articulated in Jonathan Symons' wonderful book. I am co-founder and chair of a fledgling German ecomodernist society, on whose webpage Ă–komoderne you find further articles on energy and climate matters by me.

Human flourishing seems to require access to relatively cheap energy. But these days that energy comes mostly from burning fossil fuels, which in turn threatens human flourishing by contributing to climate change. I am particularly intrigued by the question whether, from an ethical point of view, we should invest a significant amount of resources in further development and deployment of nuclear energy in addition to increasingly harvesting surrounding energy flows such as solar and wind energy. In academic (here and here) and political contexts I have given talks on the ethics of nuclear energy deployment in the age of climate change. In May 2019, I co-authored an opinion piece on these matters that appeared in a Belgian newspaper, which had climate scientist James Hansen and environmentalist Marc Lynas among its first signatories.

I am also passionate about trying to be a good and inspiring teacher -- one of my central roles at University College Groningen (UCG). See here for some personal information about me on the UCG website.

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