Multiverse Theories: A Philosophical Perspective S. Friederich Cambridge University Press (2021), reviewed by P. Helbig for The Observatory and by N. Overduin for Theology and History,

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Blog entries, opinion pieces and interviews (selection)

AI could lead take over gradually (in German)..
My struggles with ethical eating: How I lost my way with food.
In defence of a high energy future (with Maarten Boudry), nederlandse versie (NRC) hier .
For Germany, reconsidering nuclear energy is an ethical duty (with Maarten Boudry), deutsche Version (Die Welt) hier.
Self-locating beliefs won't move Everett's mountain (with Richard Dawid).
Are we living in a multiverse? We we might -- and why we might never know.
Is Michael Shellenberger's "Apocalypse Never" an ecomodernist work?.
The Covid wake-up call: protecting humanity against global disasters (with Maarten Boudry).
A rare universe? The multiverse debate in physics through the lens of philosophy.
Multiverse theories in physics from the vantage point of philosophy.

Academic articles

Norms for academic writing in the era of advanced AI S. Friederich and J. Symons, Digital Society, 2:48 (2023).
Symbiosis, not alignment, as the goal for liberal democracies in the transition to artificial general intelligence S. Friederich, AI and Ethics, (2023).
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Introducing the Q-based interpretation of quantum mechanics S. Friederich, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science (forthcoming).
Operationalising sustainability? Why sustainability fails as an investment criterion for safeguarding the future S. Friederich and J. Symons, Global Policy, 14:61-71 (2023).
Tensions within energy justice: when global energy governance amplifies inequality J. Symons and S. Friederich, Historical Social Research, 74(4) (2022).
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Physics PhD Thesis

Functional renormalization for antiferromagnetism and superconductivity n the Hubbard model S. Friederich revised and extended version published as "Functional renormalization for spontaneous symmetry breaking: An investigation of antiferromagnetism and superconductivity in the two-dimensional Hubbard model", Südwestdeutscher Verlag für Hochschulschriften (2011)
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